Frank van den Ham was born on June 2, 1952, in Amsterdam.

In the field of art and glass he is autodidact, something that, in his own words, only means that he got his knowledge from a lot of sources instead of from one formal institution.

Van den Ham is best described as an artist whom tries to make different worlds visible in his work and to combine them. His fascination with the Far East and Africa and his Dutch roots make him into a wanderer between two worlds. Always searching for the supplementary, the complementary, always serching for home. An often felt home-sickness for “there” gives his work a tension and at the same time warmth that touches. Colorful, poetic compositions in glass, sometimes combined with other materials, give an often surprising view into his thoughts.

He uses the technique of glass-fusing and kiln-forming. A technique that has been used for thousands of years, then was forgotten and re-discovered in the fifties of the last century. It is not in the least because of Franks work that this technique re(found) it’s place among other glass techniques. During the last 25 years Frank became an authority in his fiels. His objects are exhibited all over the world and his work can be found in many museum collections. He became a respected artist with an impressive CV.

His works show a uniqueness in an abundant collection of different objects. Stories about many worlds that, in Van den Hams dreams at least, are in fact one and in which he seems to be looking for his real home. From his glass bridge between those worlds he tries to connect, to understand and to make things understood.

Van den Ham lives in Indonesia. In Indonesia and South Africa he set up a small studio where craft is made. On a regular base he works there  himself and he writes, with much pleasure, about what happens to him and what touches him.




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