Almost full.

In Saudi Arabia a young man, 21 years old, will be beheaded. Protest against the government when he was 17 so you’ll understand. After the beheading the body will be crucified and showed to the public. Now before you say anything: Saudi Arabia is our friend so no comment okay? Human rights have no longer priority anyway, trade comes first is what the UK government let us know. Yes, they’re honest about it.


Dear All

A somewhat short blog since the first part is so about the Netherlands that you wouldn’t have a clue what I’m writing about. Angry, see my last blog. My mother used to say it’s double work, you’ll have to find piece again as well. The first is remarkably easier than the latter I notice. Still, it has to be done, if only to keep myself out of the camps of the radicals and lunatics. The essential is invisible to the eye; in the media not more than a glimpse, in daily life a word or a deed that is so logical that it doesn’t attract any attention. After the attack by twenty sick souls on an asylum seekers center in the Netherlands hundreds of people came to show their solidarity and to bring gifts. Besides all the dirt on facebook it’s not hard to see that most people do keep compassion high, it’s just that the idiots shout a bit louder. Glass half full or half empty? Good will chooses for almost full.

Not angry anymore? Sometimes yes, mostly not. To build bridges anger is an obstacle, it’s clear whereto the wind should blow. Sometimes a bridge collapses, that happens too. With P. and his wife I had a very good relation for years and all of a sudden something went wrong. What? I don’t know. “Talk about it” is not a habit here, much easier to insist, in spite of all indicators, that nothing is wrong at all. My own thinking about what might be the cause didn’t result in the slightest idea. So I don’t know but with the pretext “too busy” his wife stopped working here and P doesn’t drop by anymore, de facto the contact is gone. Not your fault is what Doni says so just forget about it. He’s right, now doing just that…

Versie 5

Doni. I know Doni for almost ten years now and in those years we spent a few weeks together now and then. Last week he came to Bali again. The plan is that he starts a little business and although there are some obstacles we hope to continue the road together. A month Bali and then two weeks Lampung, a month Bali and two weeks Lampung, and so on. It’s not ideal but this is what’s possible, we want to make something good out of it. Half empty? Almost full!

Earlier this week we went to Yogyakarta to inspect furniture for Africa and to take care of the shipping. Zoef the dog went to a dog-hotel because since the problems with the P’s the solution to leave him there is gone too. Give it time, all will be alright.

And at least the weather is good is what D. used to say. And so it is.

Love, Frank