Dear All,

A strip of late afternoon sun peeks through a gap between the curtains, it slowly creeps up to the bed and divides the body of the man next to him in two parts. His index finger carefully follows the clear line, a ray of sun that seems to move up and down a bit on the quietly breathing body. Tenderslow his finger goes over the trail on the soft skin, back and forth, back and forth. He answers a sleepy mumbling with a kiss, right where the light is. He exhales heavily and then lays his head against the shoulder next to him. His right hand keeps the other shoulder. He feels the arm that warmly embraces his own back and closes his eyes. Wordless promises went from mouth to mouth this afternoon. In his mind he repeats the soft whispers and the feeling of warm lips against his ears is there again. This afternoon he knows the world in their hands, ready for ten thousand new mornings. The safety of the moment puts him, effortlessly, to sleep.

When, with the afternoon progressing, the line of sunlight reaches his face it suddenly appears to him. He wakes up scared. The curtains, the curtains are not closed!

He pulls a sheet from the bed, covers himself and runs to the window. Between the hastily closed curtains, a space of less than four centimeter is still open. He peeps out and then he knows again, they are on the tenth floor. With a sigh his arms drop, the sheet falls from his hands. On the way back to the bed he stumbles over it and falls, face down, over the bed. For a moment he lies still, then he starts to cry with silent sobs. The other takes the face full of tears between his hands; lips repeat earlier promises. In the meantime the outer world wrings itself through those few centimeters of opening and fills the entire room.

No lawmaker can take discrimination away. ‘Personal opinions”, based on religion or not, cannot be forbidden. Defending a civil servant who is not willing to administer gay marriage is allowed, oppose certain rights is not forbidden, trying to manage the life of others in the name of your own god is not unusual, reason with prejudice and pertinent nonsense happens every day. The impact on many lives is fatal nevertheless. Disastrous for the one who’s judges as well for those that are pulled with in the hell of falseness.

Experiences in the last few weeks made me angry, sad and touched me. My patience with and understanding for are used up. Justification because this party or that institution does a lot of good as well is not in it; this touches the essence of being human, disrespect for others cannot bring any good.

Yes, I’m angry.

This blog is like “preaching for my own parish”, I know, I’m sure that we agree. Still, these words had to come out. I’m angry.

Love, Frank