Leaving Africa

Dear All

In my rear mirror I see the image of a young man becoming smaller and smaller. The picture is a bit shaky and that’s not because of the bumpy road. He cries. Saying goodbye hurts and also the prickling in my eyes goes on for quite a while, however valuable it is that we managed to say goodbye in a decent manner. Goodbye, I hope life will be good to you.

The days are full of it. I wish you all the best and lots of success and who knows, whenever… That won’t happen I know and that makes it heavy. Yesterday I was at C, sitting in his little gallery for a while and there was shockingly little to say. He is still not well – shingles are bothering him for more than two years now – and I would’ve loved to give him some optimism and courage. If only that was possible.
If only I could leave behind what’s necessary for a happy future. For T., for C. and for so many more. It was only little seeds and then, with time…

Amazing how strong love manifests itself, especially in times of goodbye. Days full of sun, the landscape impresses more than ever and still not half as much as the people. I see men and women resolutely walking under darkening skies and I hope they are on their way to something good.
That things may go well for you and thank you for so much beauty.

Tomorrow I’m leaving but no, I won’t forget Africa and I don’t think anyone should. However much or little experience you have in countries where things are less than in ours, no matter if you know people that curse or pray for help; we are together and our lives are intertwined.
What stupidity it is that makes some people willing to cut of help to the poor countries is totally unclear to me. We’ll have to do better and more focussed, that’s for sure. But rather more than less, there is only one world. Ours.

With love

Why you’re my friend
I don’t know much about it
We walked along the same road
Or maybe not even that…
We met each other
And recognised, that’s for sure
Utterly different
Still silent understanding
In you I see myself
And I know that you
See a mirror in my eyes

It isn’t more than that
Or so it seems to me
No more we need

Because your are I and I am you
The same in being different
We are brothers.